Halo combat evolved unused cd keys

hey me and my brother want 2 play halo1 with the same cd key since we only have one copy but whenever i go to join or host a game it says my cd key is invaid is there any way to fix this?
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  1. Sorry, you won't be able to play on the same network with the same key. And no, we won't give you another key. Halo 1 should be dirt cheap by now, so just buy another one.
  2. money dosent grow on trees!(srry im a bit annoyed)
  3. I agree, and I really miss the days when you could LAN with a single copy of the game. Unfortunately those days seem to be over.
  4. play UT99 instead. you only need one copy.

    it's miles better than halo anyway.
  5. it is under £4:00 from
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