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Install PinMame in physical pinball machine to drive DMD?

Has anyone considered actually replacing the boards in a pinball machine with pinMAME? I have a Batman Forever with the "unobtanium" large DMD. I was thinking it would be great to install a flat panel VGA monitor behind the DMD window and use pinMame to drive it. The challenge would be integrating a laptop running Pinmame into the physical pinball machine somehow. I guess the best way would be from the physical CPU board to the PINMAME code that drives the DMD, leveraging the data cable that normally connects the CPU board to the display driver board. I assume Visual Pinball leverages an interface like this, why not do it in the real world? Anyone try it or have suggestions?
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    Dude, COMPUTER hardware forum...

    Games forum is for computer games...
  2. I think it would be too complicated to connect operating systems but I'm not a good enough geek to be certain. I was thinking of a similar fix though - what if you took a small lcd from a computer and installed some sort of conversion driver board to be able to drive an LCD instead of the DMD? Anyone have any idea on this one? I have a busted 192x64 sega dmd that I'd rather not spend $400 + on myself...
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