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I thought Star Wars: The Force Unleashed wasn't planned for PC release? I remember reading this on Tom's I think almost a year ago or less maybe. I just seen it in Walmart and was like, WTH???
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  1. Also, why hasn't it been reviewed or benchmarked?
  2. I can't answer your questions but if I had to guess it's because SW: Force Unleashed is an average title on all platforms (look at the average scores) so there really isn't that much interest in seeing how this game runs.
  3. Understood... I thought that game was supposed to be a shocker of some sort.
  4. It's a console port, and the controls are quite clunky, Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast were much better IMHO.
  5. I would think the KOTOR MMO would be better and it's not that much longer until it comes out.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I really thought that game was gonna be something special and so it turns it isn't. Oh well. Thanks though!
  7. Oh ya, almost frogot, be sure to check out the Zero Punctuation review for The Force Unleashed.
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    it only just came out for pc, hence no benchies.

    it includes the DLC the consoles had.

    i really enjoyed it. not groundbreaking, but as a massive SW nerd the story was totally awesome (its oficial canon, and deals with the creation of the rebelion)

    its a brilliant proof of concept, as the tech used is impressive. but as a game its only 'good'.
    id recomend trying it though.
  9. Thanks Welsh! Always good to get others opinions on the matter.

    When I seen the development video for it showing off the 3 engines they used to create the world I was impressed with what I saw.

    I'll give it a shot in the future although I just re-installed the new release of Ubuntu Studio 9.10 and I don't know if I wanna go back to Windows! I'll miss her!
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