Crysis stutter on intro movie/menus

So im having trouble with crysis lagging and stuttering BAD (less than 5fps) on the intro movies and menus, as well as bad hangups during gameplay.

from the beginning.
I was playing FINE at 20-30fps average all day long with no hangups or lag.
couple days ago i accidentally clicked the fxc.exe in the bin64 folder and when i went to play thats when it started. after restarting the pc 2 times it worked again, and continued working for several days. then today set the resolution from 1600x1200 to 1024x768 in preperation to play it on the tv downstairs. when i go to play the game i get the problem mentioned above again. went back upstairs and changed back to 1600 res on the reg monitor and it wont go away. ive tried restarting 5 times and reinstalling/repairing multiple times.

my question is, what the hell does fxc.exe do and why am i getting this problem? how do i fix this? ive done some googling and it seems alot of the same problem is related to vista+dx10, sound card problems, and cpu probs.

its definitely not a hardware problem since i can play crysis warhead fine, and i played crysis before with no trouble.

win xp pro 64
Radeon HD 5770
intel e5200 @ 3.1ghz
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  1. It seems like Crysis has been in Beta since its been released retail. When the game works i guess the single player is fun. Game was a huge let down to me. Its a "Farcry" from Farcry. Farcry was the *** when it came out. One of the best singleplayer games ever created. Too Bad Crysis is a poorly optimized POS. Also ur running Windows XP 64 bit. That OS is complete trash. Your problems start there.
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