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I have a Soltek motherboard
which has a VIA P4M266 chipset. It currently has a Intel Celeron 1.7 processor in it.

What I want to know is what is the fastest intel processor (P4) that I can put in this motherboard safely and where can I find info on this subject. I've searched the web but it is a minefield as you'd expect.

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    Address 7F, #306-3, Ta-Tung Rd., Sec. 1, Hsi-Chin, Taipei-Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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    Soltek Brazil Office (Representative/ Representante Official no Brazil)
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    Web Site
    Here is there E-mail address and Numbers I think you should e-mail them with your Questions they will need to know what mobo you have and hardware ect. This is only a opinion.If your looking to up grade the prossesor then you might be better off getting a new mobo that has all the latest goodies.If it's in your budget.
  2. Hey if you want to keep your board and current memory, you can go up to a p4 at 2.6ghz with a fsb of a 100mhz. You can find all this information on Solteks website. Just go to Faq then support list, then CPUs and look down at the via chipsets and then the name of your board. Just to let you know you would get a lot better performance if you have the money to buy a new board and memory. Becuase thats how you get the best performance out of the P4 you have to have that 400mhz 3200 memory.

    Your welcome though.
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