Windows XP Pro and RAID

The Story:

After my hard drive failure (about a month ago.) I learned my lesson and ordered another hard drive to set-up a raid array. the broken drive had to be sent back for RMA and would take a few weeks to get back. Anyway when I got the new hard drive I ordered I put it in the machine and installed windows XP Pro and moved some data onto it. When my new hard drive arrived I put it in set up the mirroring array etc. The raid chip is reporting the array functional.

The Problem:

Now whenever Windows starts to boot it just restarts the computer and will continue to do infinately. (Right at the windows loading screen) It even does this when you try to boot into safe mode. When I go into windows setup on the CD the setup program says it does not recognize the mass storage device (hard drive) so I cannot get to the recovery console or even install the OS.

Any advice?
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  1. What RAID controller do you have?
    Some raid controllers have a completely different set of drivers when you are using their raid functions. If you just had one drive connected when you installed windows it probably just has the controller driver installed not the RAID driver.
    Most raid controllers won't be seen by windows setup unless you provide their drivers on a floppy during the install. You need to hit F6 when it asks you during the windows setup to add additional hd controller drivers.

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  2. the raid controller is built right onto the motherboard. its an Asus A7V-133 (circa 2001.) Its a Promise IDE/RAID Controller. Unfortunately Asus has no drivers for it, and i have not found anything on Promise's website.
  3. The fasttrak 100 drivers "should" work on that thing, try em out. They are avaliable on the Promise website: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I found in another forum that you need to update the bios to version 1007 so I guess it is worth a shot if those drivers don't work. If you don't already have that version I found a place that seems to have it: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  4. <b><A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>Drivers for A7V133</A></b></font color=red>

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