EVGA 560Ti x2 +5 year extended on both cards

I currently have 2 EVGA 560 Ti's I'm looking to perhaps unload so I can pick up a single card I have 5 year extended warranty's on both cards so if there are any issues I can handle that up to 5 years. Just looking for offers right now thanks!
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  1. Do you have a link to the models?
  2. but of course its the KR extension and not the AR both are the same card both do the same thing one is cheaper that being the KR.

    Also to note I know that I wont get the retail price as they are used and therefore devalued but I think somewhere in the ballpark of 175 for each card is something I'd look at the card didn't come with the 5 year warranty I paid 15 dollars for each cards warranty.

    One card purchase on 12/19/2011 the other 1/21/2012 so both aren't very old.
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