DOES anyone else HATE STEAM?

Today I decided to Install Left 4 dead on my computer, not the new one but the Original. Unfortunately I was immediately bombarded with STEAM install requirements, telling me I had to install steam and its updates prior to installing the game itself. Okay great, so I installed Steam, and waited another 3 minutes while steam updated.

Once Steam was updated I tried installing Left 4 Dead, but Steam said it couldnt, that the server was busy at the time, and that I needed to wait till a little later. Okay So I waited 10 minutes came back, and Steam said I could install.

I Then put the disk into the computer, (which I bought at Best Buy last year), and Steam wouldnt let me install it from the disk. It said it would download all necessary files to a local destination, and it asked if it could commence download. I looked at my screen in disbelief, Steam was trying to Download a 4.6 gb game from the internet, at 132kbps.. Thats right not even 1 mb per second, and Im on a cable modem with 5mb download speed. Steam said my estimated Download time was 3 hrs and change.

I stopped the download, and tried this very same process again to see if there was anyway to install my (retail version of Left4Dead with Box and disk and manual) without downloading it. There was no option. I then tried exploring the disk to see if there was a setup.exe file for just the game itself..... there was not. I then became enraged and threw my disk like a saw blade at my cat...( not really).

Okay so I said there must be a way to bypass this, I looked at steam, and everytime I tried to do anything it said It was starting the download. So then I swithched Steam to Offline mode, and tried it, but it told me I couldnt install my retail version of my game without having Steam in Online mode..... So I was pissed off now, so I said what about this..

I disconnected my internet connection by completely disabling my network connection in VISTA, then TADA!! The disk said it would install from DISK!! Hooray I thought... So it installed , but wouldnt play unless steam got to update the game, so then I said sure update...20 minutes later I was able to finally play my game....

SO in closing what I am getting at is ....IS Steam really that great, and convenient?/ It forces me to have an internet connection to play/install my game. It Auto updates my game without giving me any option to just play the damn game, and while its updating, the game of course is offline. It has server issues telling me the server is to busy or not available, and has incredibly slow download times for both updates, and full games... I mean theres a reason I bought a CD wasnt there?? Or was that just to make me feel better about myself?? If this is the future of Game purchasing as I have recently read about online, I wonder how long it will be before customers start getting pissed off when they lose their Codes, Dont have a CD to install their games, and as has already been done , have their Steam accounts stolen.

What happens when I want to play Left 4 Dead and the server is down? Or it decides to download updates...and I cant play because I dont have control of the game I bought? Why did I ever buy my game at Bestbuy and get a CD, if steam never intended to use it to install my game.. What happens when my computer gets a virus or crashes and I have to re-download all my steam games again, because all the local files are gone, it will take days of downloading instead of just a couple hours of reinstalling all my games by disk.... HOW is this convenient??

I have read many forums of other players who have had bad experiences with STEAM, and I wanted to know what others On TOM's thought about it... Thanks for your replies ahead of time.
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  1. Hi,i have to admit iam not a massive Steam fan,i have a Steam account with a few games on there,i brought Crysis from Steam but when i go to change my key settings or graphical settings and click apply,the game freezes and i cant play it and i have to reboot my pc,well i can if i don`t customize my keys. I have played crysis from a disk without any problems,but Steams reply was its nothing to do with them,i have to contact the third party companies.I said that i wanted a refund,whats the point in having a game i cant play,they can make so that i cant play the game,but they said they do not do refunds.So i can relate to your hate of Steam.Not everyone has internert connection,so what about those ppl,cant they play the game,its like Modern Warfare 2,to play online you have to have a Steam account,what about if you dont want one
  2. Quote:

    And because you have the mindset that you do towards customer service for this player who paid for a game and now gets no option to play it without it crashing his system each time, hopefully you'll never run into similar situations where you might have a bad experience and someone just tells you tough ***..

    All SS said is that all Steam does is host the game; support is still left up to the developer (really, all Steam does if force the game to be opened through the Steam client).


    Dont you see what they are doing, they are fooling us all into thinking that this is a better way, but in reality it isnt better at all. They are taking control of the games you bought, and forcing you to install them when and how they deem fit, in the manner they choose, and updating them when they say, and making it impossible to receive any kind of service when something goes wrong, if you read gaming forums all over the net, there are people who are experiencing unplayable games after downloading them through steam, and the problems they are having are real, yet they get no support when the problems arise.

    Actually, you can install games through Steam as often as you want, and can turn off game updates if you so wish. Worst case, you just have to delete the game and re-download (which I've only had to do once). Makes more sense then a 3 install lifetime limit...


    Just another way for them to suck the money out of your wallets and walk away smiling all the way to the bank. They have taken the retail market completely away, and now force us to download games that are 4-7 gb in size and only getting bigger, through the internet which takes hours if not a day for some users, if they dont get any corrupted files and then the updates start.

    The retail market is alive and well; fact is, console games shop better, so thats what stores stock. Even then, plenty of chains (not to mention online stores) have every game out there in stock. Nevermind the constant deals Steam offers, which typically sells their games at lower prices. Of course, the wait for downloading is the tradeoff.


    You'll see Steam is gonna turn around and bite gamers in the ass.. It's only a matter of time till it gets really bad, Valve/Steam have taken the gaming industry and made it worse for every single consumer/ gamer on the planet in one fell swoop.

    Then devs will switch to another service (such as Impulse) which does the same exact thing. Remember, its the devs choice to go through steam, so that keeps steam in check.
  3. welcome to 7 years ago.

    i find steam's good points massively out-weigh the bad points.

    CSS is an irrefutably kickass game exclusive to steam. team fortress 2 is the best competitive online FPS since CSS, and Left 4 Dead is the best co-op FPS full stop, both games are infinite fun to play with friends... the steam server browser is great as well. no farting around like the COD2, Cod4, battlefield server browsers, no lame matchmaking (*puke*) like Modern lagfare 2.

    bad points with steam - friends/group event pop-ups (which you can't block) and automatically updating in the background. "hey why's it so laggy.... oh steam is downloading some carp again"...

    unable to play game while offline isn't really a problem. if steam goes bust, there will surely be cracks on the web to play the game in a week or two - official or not.

    P.S. (edit) what steam are doing with Team Fortress 2 is legendary. the game is packed with humour, valve are full of humour, they release update after update packed with humour. the latest update is even going to have a weapon crafting system, on top of the rpg elements they've already added! (valve making a little parody of world of warcraft).

    i love valve. best devs out there atm :)

    i'd take steam over anything else currently available.
  4. I use STEAM quite a lot, but I agree with the OP. If I buy a Valve game on disk, it should have the choice to put it in my machine, install the game and play.

    My experience with the Orange Box was waiting about an hour for various downloads to complete before the game(s) proper started to install. If the user opts to buy the physical media, they should not have to endure the same download downsides that 'virtual' purchase requires.
  5. LOL just wait till you try there customer service for game Crashes...
    good luck there try to google something like "Steam customer service ratings:? or "Steam customer service good or bad" lol. then you can give the good points i see on Tom's to all of the thousan ds of smart people who allready left this fail of a company. BUYER BEWARE :D

    happy fragging
  6. ???
  7. Quote:

    Just another way for them to suck the money out of your wallets and walk away smiling all the way to the bank. They have taken the retail market completely away, and now force us to download games that are 4-7 gb in size and only getting bigger, through the internet which takes hours if not a day for some users, if they dont get any corrupted files and then the updates start.

    I sympathize with your recent irritation but your anger should be directed at piracy not steam. Don't blame the victim for protecting themselves from the perpetrators. Blame the perpetrators. Thanks to piracy DRM is a necessary evil. You say the devs make money? Retail store prices have remained the same for years and I myself have never outright paid for steam afaik. They don't need to charge for steam. The reduction in stolen profits is their return. Fact is, DRM is just one spoonfull of a big *** stew we have been eating due to piracy.
  8. People that hate steam are peasants.
  9. Look at what Ubisoft is now doing: Mandating a constant internet connection. Heck, their system even kicks you out of game if you lose your connection! Steam is now a necssary evil, as they use the least invasive DRM out there.
  10. successful_troll said:
    People that hate steam are peasants.

  11. The state of PC gaming has changed, and it's now all about being connected online full-time whether you like it or not. C&C4 will require it, so will lots of new games being released this year, whether they are Steam games or not.

    If you are really opposed, which I can fully understand, you will have to switch to consoles or quit gaming.
  12. Or storm the developers offices with torches and pitchforks.
  13. Quote:

    Just another way for them to suck the money out of your wallets and walk away smiling all the way to the bank. They have taken the retail market completely away, and now force us to download games that are 4-7 gb in size and only getting bigger, through the internet which takes hours if not a day for some users, if they dont get any corrupted files and then the updates start.

    Suck the money? I paid a good $2.45 for that copy of Team Fortress 2 and all of their DLC contents are free. I consider myself a PC gamers like most of us and I rather buy a copy of a PC game online, not having to buy a physical disk. All my Half Life disk I bought are now damages to beyond belief. But thanks to Steam, I was able to keep a copy of each game I bought on their list, so that way if I get a new computer, I can easily re-install all my PC games without any problems.

    OP: You were having problems not connecting with Left 4 Dead servers when you tried to update? That is unlucky of you since it only happens very rarely. All in all, I'm happy with steam since I had no problems.. yet.
  14. strangestranger said:

    Leave it out..

    People who have no time for Steam only want to get on with gaming as per usual, without the anal retentive control of Valve.
    (Gabe Newell did work for Microsoft after all !)

    Game devs and distributors want to use Steam ? Well..make its use "AN OPTION", for the gamer who loves the cuddly womb of Steam, or the gamer who, like with books, just wants to play the game, and loan it to mates etc.
    (Who a result of a loan quite possibly a gamer might go out and buy his/her own copy. Ever think of that, Valve ?)
    (tits !)
    Steam is a pain in the arse !

    Phil Bird
  15. you can 'loan' a game to a mate through steam. give him your steam login.

    the advertising is a pain in the arse, i've already been persuaded to spend £30.99 on steam. mass effect 2 and psychonauts.

    having to 'shop' is the inhibitor that stops me going crazy and buying everything. steam is just press a button, get a game.... someone help me.
  16. tarquinbiscuitbarrel said:
    you can 'loan' a game to a mate through steam. give him your steam login.

    That works for me, and now that my mate has a newborn to occupy his time I might even get round to finishing MW2. :lol:
  17. Demo's and free weekends help out with trying a game. That is all the game developers/publishers side. Nothing to do with valve at all.
  18. I dont know, I prefer using steam if I can to other various forms of DRM that come with retail games.
  19. I just want to say I hate Steam too. I bought Aliens V Predator a few days ago.
    It took over 5 hours to first update Steam, Install the game and then of course update the game.
    I tryed playing it again 2 days later yet another update for the game. I am still waiting.
    I will never buy a game that uses Steam again It is a Steaming pile of ****
  20. Lol. You are joking aren't you?
  21. Yeah I hate steam, Damn thing ate my weekend...

    Theres a game series Ive been playing for years the "X" series of space sims, Ive held off buying x3 Terran Conflict for a while because I dont really have the time. Steam go and hold an offer £15 and for both X3 Reunion and X3 terranconflict as a package, I already own reunion but that price sounds cheap. I check it out Im paying nearly half the retail cost of the one game and getting two. The x3 reunion makes a nice backup for the easily damaged game disk, and X3 terran conflict sucked up all my pc time for the last 5 days.

    Thanks a lot steam your low price, armchair shopping service cost me my entire weekend (and probably a few more weeks to come).
  22. i hate steam with a passion, they banned my account and said it was because they detected cheats, iv never had such a thing on my pc and wouldnt ever have bothered. screw steam!! the amount of money spent on games and they go and pull a trick like that, its just not on. bear in mind my account was ok for 6 years! hope steam crash and burns.
  23. If they detected it, they detected it. Simple as.
  24. ARG, zombie thread!!!
  25. strangestranger said:
    If they detected it, they detected it. Simple as.

    They can get stuffed, cant be arsed buying every game again because of their screw up. its a con on the public to make millions.
    they cant detect anything on my pc as iv never ever used a cheat of any sort, cheatings for n00bs simple as. im the only person who uses my pc so they cant say its some one else fault.
    There online service is crap, bring back good 'ol cs 1.5 no steam!! life was simple back then. :pfff:
  26. Steam works just fine for me. No problems what-so-ever and I enjoy all the great sales they have (but my bank account doesn't as these sales drain me dry!)

    Each to his own, but I like the idea that I can download the games again when I upgrade my PC and they still work.
  27. Steam is not a company.

    Valve, created steam and steam is only valve's software distribution system, the fact other people have decided to use it is more of an off shoot as I do not think it was originally meant to do anything other than deliver their content and updates.
  28. Steam works great for me. Yeah you have to wait for slow updates but that is not a big deal. The pros outweigh the cons in my experience. Lets see....decent selection....lower prices.....can load your games on any pc you want.....can avoid the strange looks from people when they see a 31 year old waiting in line with 12 year olds for the same game.........all pros ;)

    its fairly obvious that eventually, a high speed connection will be required for everything.
  29. Is this some kind of thread for STEAM apoligists. How can STEAM be better than just buying the game and installing it and playing VS. buying the game and having to download it for 2 to 4 hours before you get to play it. And heaven forbid if you update your machine. You will be just and easy 2 to 4 hour download away from playing it again? What the heck do you guys mean STEAM is a good thing. How about I buy the game - I own it - I install it - I play it. Thats it! Too many STEAM employees trolling the chat groups.

    Steam adds nothing positive to the customer side ... nothing.

    It does however add a lot of negatives.

    Try playing a STEAM associated game you bought over a year ago on a new computer. THe process is absolutely painful beyond anything and has nothing to do with customer satisfaction or service. And I am speaking from experience

    I built a new computer. I wanted to install my 4 previously installed and purchased games. I could log into my STEAM account .. I could see the listing of all the games as having been purchased and even had download bought through steam for OBLIVION. I repeat, for you apoligists, I had logged into my steam account but my games would not play. Customer service took days and was no help till they finally told me to mail my CDs to them as proof of purchase. Obviously, me having logged into my Steam account was not proof enough. I will not mail my CDs to you I bought them and they are here in my hand ..... well then, just send us a scan of your CDs and we will see what we can do for you. That is when Portal, Assassins Creed, Dawn of War II and Oblivion went back into the drawer and I have been playing a non steam version of EVE online ever since.

    Who needs the headache?
  30. Out of the millions of users your case will be the minority. Also you can backup your game files to somewhere else and then if you have to reinstall them you just restore them from the back up, no downloading necessary.

    I have however not had any problems installing steam on a few machines and downloading my games.

  31. steam is great and helpfull
    why would someone hate it?
  32. Steam isn't positive?

    Hmm, when I have to reimage my machine, I can copy the apps directory off somewhere, reinstall my OS, reinstall steam and copy the apps right back. Don't have to reinstall.

    Or, if for some unfortunate event, my system crashes, I lose my drive, or even the entire system, I can buy a new system or rebuild it, reinstall Steam and download ALL of my steam games. No muss, no fuss. No hunting for CDs or having to worry about the games being tied to one machine because they aren't.

    No hunting for keys because I lost the manual or cd case. My games will always be available to download and play any time I want them.

    Oh, and for those that say what if Steam/Valve go out of business? Steam's been around since HL2 was released. I don't think they are going anywhere.
  33. I have only had positive experiences with Steam, and I was actually in the haters camp for a while before actually trying it. I have been mostly buying the cheaper $10-15 games, andI brought Bioshock 2 as a 4 pack with friends to save money, and I have been very happy with all my purchases. I even have a few free games (e.g., Half Life 2 Lost Coast, Portal) that are nice surprises. The updates and game downloads are all fast for me (average 800 kbps download speeds).
  34. Like I said .. Steam trolls. You will not have an easy tiime getting Steam to let you download your games on a NEW computer "that you just rebuilt". I am speaking from experience - TWICE!
  35. Greyvanth said:
    Like I said .. Steam trolls. You will not have an easy tiime getting Steam to let you download your games on a NEW computer "that you just rebuilt". I am speaking from experience - TWICE!

    I'm not a Steam troll and I have gone through three computers since setting up my Steam account with HL2 and all the games I've purchased from that point forward are STILL completely available to download and play with NO hassles what-so-ever. Never do I have to "validate" my machine/key/license as it's tied to my account not my PC. I just tell it to download it and install. But, most of the time I just push off the app directory to another drive, if I need to, rebuilt by PC, reinstall the OS, reinstall steam and then copy the app folder back to the Steam directory and viola! My games are ready to play. I've never had a problem doing this period.

    So either I'm lucky or else it works like I said. I go with the latter.

    I'm speaking from experience 5+ times: rebuilds of new PCs 3 times, upgrading OSes (XP to Vista to Windows 7 to Windows 7 64-bit), and recovering from a hard drive crash.

    Each time, Steam and my games installed without any hassles, including no downloads except for the hard drive crash.
  36. I figured it was an ID-10T error but that's a pretty common one too! [:isamuelson:1]
  37. @aford10

    Sorry about that. I wasn't condoning the killing part, just the pebkac error reference.

    But you're right. It's gone too far.

    I'll just agree to disagree, but I don't like when someone spreads info that's not true.
  38. Reign it in ladies and gents....stay civil or i'll have to close it. Telling someone to kill theirself is a little harsh.
  39. You know I once managed to upset someone by saying I would jerk off onto their corpse, guy really took offence IIRC.

    Still, no matter how many people I ask to kill themselves, they never do it and post a video.

    Just plain rude of them if you ask me.
  40. No problem,

    If you see misinformation, call them on it. People should get the right answers when browsing the forum. It just needs to be a wee bit more civil.
  41. I think that would qualify as offensive, which would violate the ToS. So, lets assume it wasn't on this forum.
  42. strangestranger said:
    Still, no matter how many people I ask to kill themselves, they never do it and post a video.

    Just plain rude of them if you ask me.

    It's also a bit difficult to hold the camcorder, especially if you do the suicide by crucifixion.
  43. Actually aford10, I don't think the evidence would be available at least not to me as all my posts bar the laste few months have been deleted.

    Oh and mousemonkey, tripods are the key.
  44. strangestranger said:
    Oh and mousemonkey, tripods are the key.

    But how do you hammer the last nail in?
  45. That's actually quite tricky, it basically relies on a spring loaded mechanism to hold the nail which is triggered by the participant.

    You can also just get a friend to help out with the whole thing.
  46. That's assuming one has any friends.
  47. *hugs mousmonkey*

    Don't worry, you have friends here.
  48. Thanks mate, I feel all warm and a bit more fuzzy now. :)
  49. Mousemonkey said:
    Thanks mate, I feel all warm and a bit more fuzzy now. :)

    Sounds like you forgot to shave and urinated on yourself. :lol:
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