Patch for lego stars to work on windows 7

i need a download patch for Star Wars the video game, to work on windows 7. Please been dying to try it.
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  1. Im relatively confidant your problem isnt with the game itself at all, but with the anti piracy software...

    The game itself should play fine, what you need is a patch to remove the copy protection and it should play fine. A "no-cd" type patch is what you are looking for. Those charging you for the software wont offer to fix your problems, or even provide a patch to do so for their paying customers.

    However the guys with the skull and crossbones flags will fix your problems for free.

    Go figure that only those paying for the software are affected by the security measures, those who never paid for the software dont have an issue :D.

    Also go figure that the pirates are doing free tech support for the paying customers of the software companies.
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