Starcraft CD wont install on Windows 7

I recently bought a new computer that has Windows 7 on it and I tried installing Starcraft on it today and it wont go past 20%. I'm not sure what the problem is. The CD does work because I installed SC on another computer I have with XP. Anyone have any ideas of things to try?
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  1. Do you get any errors when installing?

    I have starcraft + broodwar installed on my windows 7 system and I play regularly.

    if the game installs but wont run, try right clicking the icon and setting compatability mode to windows xp
  2. No. I put the CD in and it starts fine it just gets to 20% and does nothing. I saw a lot of people had problems after it installed but mine wont even install.
    I have a HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC with Windows 7 Home Premium. Not sure if you guys need any other info.
  3. I am also having problems. Mine installed fine just wont play. starcraft keeps crashing as soon as i open it to play.
  4. I feel kinda dumb now. The reason my CD wouldn't go past 20% was because it had a scratch on it. I borrowed a buddies CD and it worked fine. I just have the discoloration problem on the menu screens but its fine in gameplay. Thanks to those who tried to help.
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