Looking For A Specific PS1 Game - Most Probbally Japanese

Hi, I'm looking for an old PS1 game. I used to go around and play it at my uncles house, many years ago. It's most probbally been 10 years at least. I'm going to give as much as deatail as I can, so bare with me. Ask any questions you may need.

- I don't remember the name of the game.
- From memory, it was a Japanese game (or an Asian game for sure)

- It was set in the future, and was mostly 2D (like sonic type 2D)
- It was about a spaceship, or a flying future aircraft you had, and you had to kill any enemy along the way.
- You could also collect wepons from the enemeys arcrafts like super machine guns that will last only a short while.
- One of the missions (or the first one) included flying though the city, as you could see the city in the background.
- After the first missions, a mission comes up where it turns 3D and it was level 1's boss. It was some sort of a robot/dinisor looking thing. And you had to kick its ass.

After that, I don't remember.

Any ideas?
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  1. You know, I know this may sound strange... But I think I've found it... I "think"

    Perhaps it could be this. But not to sure. Where there any other games like this?
  2. ^^ Scratch that... I've found it!!

    I LOVE YOU GOOGLE (even though you're evil! :D)
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    holy *** dude.
    you have no idea how long iv been looking for this game, me and my mate used to play this all the time. and i was convinced it was called eyander.
    not to far off really XD
    but no wonder i could never find it on google.
    its just a sheer coincidence i found your post man.
    when i started readin it and everything u said matched my memory i was like 'no ****** in way, thats tooo big a coincidence.'
    thanks for finding it dude. :)
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