FS: Alienware M17X R2 17" XFire laptop $1200 - CLOSED

Price is $1200 fairly firm, feel free to make an offer though. I will ship for free shipping to lower 48 states

Pictures can be seen here:

I bought this from Dell Outlet July 22, 2011

It came from Dell with an i5 520M and ONE Radeon 5870M video card and 4GB of Ram, and 256GB Samsung Solid State HDD.

I have upgraded the CPU, added a 2nd video card to create the crossfire configuration, doubled the RAM, and also added a 2nd 250GB Western Digital Blue HDD.

I added these upgrades in December of 2011 and the laptop has been running great ever since. I use it every day.

The current specs are as follows:

-i7 740QM Quad Core CPU - 1.73 Ghz - 2.9 Ghz turbo - 6M level 3 cache
-x2 5870M ATI Radeon graphics cards in crossfire - these are the fastest you can get for this platform, based on the Juniper core
-8 GB Kingston RAM - the same SKU's that Dell recommended
-256 GB Samsung SSD
-250 Western Digital Blue 5400 RPM HDD
-beautiful 1900x1200 RGB LED display - great for large projects!
-HDMI, VGA, Digital Display Out - Can support 3 displays if one of them is the Digital Display out
-1394 Firewire
-SD Card reader
-slot loading DVD Burner
-2 headphone out jacks
-GBit Ethernet
-Alien glow multi color keyboard lighting schemes (make any light section any color you want)
-240W power supply/charger
-Dell Alienware recovery disc
-very Rare Lunar Silver in color

This laptop boots into Windows in under 40 seconds using the 256 GB solid state hard drive

I personally used this laptop for video encoding and photo editing

I can play Crisis 2 on High (particles on low, no motion blur) settings at 1080p running 35fps and 1680x1050 at 40 fps with DirectX 11 (50+ fps with DirectX 9). This is the BEST LOOKING game I've ever seen and it looks AMAZING on this LED screen.*

I play StarCraft 2 on High and get over 60 fps.* Ultra is over 40 fps

WoW gets 50+ FPS on High settings at 1680x1050* - this was with only 1 Radeon card, I haven't played it since installing the 2nd one

I got about an hour of battery life on High Performance, and I get about 2 hours in the power saver mode (dim screen, cpu/gpu clocks down, etc). The battery is in great condition, I take great pride in maintaining my batteries, and when it would be plugged in for long periods of time, I removed the battery to help preserve its lifespan.

*** sometimes if the battery doesn't recharge you have to take it out, hold the power switch, and put the battery back in... it is a known issue with R2's and this was Dell's official fix if I chose not to update the BIOS to the new version, but I never had this issue much because I run the laptop mostly with the battery removed, so when I put it in to go mobile it has always charged fine***

Has the remainder of the warranty until July of this year

I am selling because I needed something with an Nvidia video card

It will be re-imaged with the Dell factory image and the additional HDD formatted

PM me!

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  1. fire for effect
  2. Last bump before I take this off - make me a reasonable offer

  3. I am closing this thread, I've ordered a 580M to put in my Alienware, if I don't blow it up first ;)

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