MW2 for $29,99 at Best Buy till Dec 19th

Just a heads up to people. I just bought myself and a buddy of mine Modern Warefare 2 for the PC at Best Buy at $29.99 a copy. Their Sunday Ad has an error and they honored the price, at least for me. Look at the below link at page 18. It has a picture of the 360 version for 59.99 then PS3 for 59.99 and PC for 29.99 under it. On page 19 it shows a pic of the PC version and a price of 59.99. It did ring up 59.99, but i showed them page 18 of the ad from the paper and they honored the price. The flier is only good until Dec 19th though.

Just giving everyone a heads up. I wouldn't have bought it for $60, but I wanted to play the single player, which I beat in 6 hours. It was FUN, but short. And I hear the Black OPs co-op is fun. I played a few multiplayer rounds and wasn't impressed, the lobby thing kinda stinks and the menu's and pop ups seem very, cartoony. I will give it a chance though.
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  1. Hi jay2tall, thanks for the alert - although it looks like the price has been corrected. On page 19 the PC version is labelled as $59.99.
  2. KRAYCHIK said:
    Hi jay2tall, thanks for the alert - although it looks like the price has been corrected. On page 19 the PC version is labelled as $59.99.

    Hench the misprint. I actually called them and the guy looked at the add himself and said, that is what it says so we will honor it. When I went to the register I had the ad in hand and folded it over and just showed them page 18, hey look it's advertised as $29.99. And that is what they gave it to me for.
  3. Do they have these papers in store? I will end my boycott on MW2 if I can get it for 30.
  4. great i should have waited. ohh well still a good price. lol
    cappster the game still good, you should buy it , i love it.
  5. Thanks Jay2Tall for the info. I did pretty much the same thing you did and it worked. I made sure to only take page 18 up there with the 29.99 price and its a good thing I did as the guy who overrode the 59.99 price was flipping it from front to back trying to find a different price. I'm installing now and it is taking a while, but I got all night.
  6. ^ awesome. I am glad I was able to get someone else to take advantage. my and my buddy have played the Special Ops missions and they are REALLY fun. I played the multiplayer a little, but the constant popups are annoying. Buzz kill, long shot, headshot, blah blah, elbow shot through a window. But a $60 game for $30 I don't think anyone is going to whine that much. hehe.
  7. Yeah, that was a good piece of info. I went straight after work and took advantage of the deal. The single player was rather short and I've only played MP for a few minutes. Special ops I haven't tried yet, but will do so within a few days. Overall it wasn't a bad deal considering I got it for half price. I don't see any discounts on steam for MW2 and don't plan on seeing any. Good looking out for the community though (even if I may be the only one to take advantage of your heads up).
  8. thanks
  9. Got it for 360 in Xbox bundle MW2 edition, gotta have it in PC as well. Thnx!
    On console always find myself wanting that new adapter for keyboard-mouse-Use PC most though.
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