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Hi guys,
Just asking for recommendations for a 40 year old buzzard who loves multiplayer RTS games. I cannot join good multiplayer matches in Age of conquerors or Company of Heroes cause either noob or experts, plus they love the old FMT (friends my teamup).

Any suggestions will greatly appreciate. Yes, 12 years later I am still addicted to Age of Empires 2 multiplayer.

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  1. Probably Supreme Commander.
  2. Starcraft 2 will bring forth the new age of Multiplayer RTS Gaming, so you'll want to watch that closely!

    I haven't tried Supreme Commander yet, but I hear that has really good graphics! Will probably be the first RTS I install on my new computer i'm making that is waiting for replacement gpu.

    Also Command & Conquer 4 is scheduled to be released soon! So you'll want to watch for that as well...I would say it would be a good idea to try and join/play an RTS as soon as it is released! That way you can be apart of all the new strategies and stuff before the cookie cutters develop...
  3. I still play C&C 3 online occasionally. There is an automatch feature that will hopefully pit you against someone of your own skill level.
  4. I support the Supreme Commander suggestion. You can pick up Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance very cheap these days and it's fantastic multiplayer (though you do need a pretty beefy PC to run it, most CPUs get very bogged down in a 4v4 with a 2000 unit population cap, and the graphics are rather sweet.... oh and did I mention full dual-monitor support? Yes, that's very nice, watch 2 areas of the battlefield at once).

    And! You don't need SA classic to get SA:FA.

    Failing that, you can never go wrong with Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires 2. Also, since you're a fan of Company of Heroes, I'm willing to bet you'd thoroughly enjoy the single player of Dawn of War 2, I'm not a big fan of the multiplayer personally but you may like it. Men of War would be another must-buy along the same lines as Company of Heroes.
  5. Warzone 2100, a free open source RTS game that I love. Graphics are not that new but game play is great. They only give you a couple of pre-designed units. But the REALLY big research tree let's you get new parts to design your own vehicles. It lets you choose body type, propulsion, and weapon/equipment. It even comes in a PortableApps flavor so you can take it with you.

    Sins of a Solar Empire, another great title. You can pick up the Game of the Year Edition for only $20. Then you can use the Impulse program (it is kinda like Steam) to get it's 2 micro-expansions for $10 each. It was a big surprise hit in 2008. Dispite how most big company's like EA were locking their stuff down with almost spyware like DRM. Stardock has no DRM on Sins but it still sells very well. Just goes to show you don't have to treat your customers like criminals like EA does (which is why I have a personal boycott agents them).
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