PC Lag or Internet Lag

I have been playing Online Games such as call of Duty World at War for a while now, but continue to have what I call a minor lag issue. During close firefights, the opponents always seem to see me first, which makes it difficult to play. My pings on most of the servers is around 60 and seems to be lower than most of the other players. I have an ATT DSL connection with upgraded down load speeds.
Could my issue be with PC lag? I have a Intel 2 Duo core E 6600 @ 2.4Ghz 1066 FSB @ gig of Ram on an Windows XP system. Geforce 7950GT 512. ASUS P5N32-E 680i SLI Chipset.
Would I benefit from upgrading my video card, and perhaps overclocking?
Or Should I concentrate more on improving my DSL connection?
Any advise would be appreciated.

I would hate to upgrade my video card and get no appreciable improvement in the gaming performance.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. that sounds to me more like OS, Driver or Game lag to me, rather then PC lag. You may need to upgrade to the latests drivers, GPU and Game wise and see how that goes.

    Your CPU is perfect for this game, so is your GPU. (I own a 7600GT - plays WaW perfectly)

    Try updating your GPU and Game drivers. Also, trying updateing windows to see where that gets you.
  2. while in W@W hit the console button (tilde key ~) and enter: /cg_drawfps 1

    this will show you your fps. Using this information determine if the slow downs are caused by your internet connection (a spike in ping) or your hardware (a drop in FPS).

    Good luck
  3. does it feel choppy/laggy?

    because 'they see me before i see them' is a classic line from a player who runs around like rambo and gets pwnt by patient campers.
  4. ^ Or it could be the pirated version. Or, the game may just need its patch.
  5. Actually it is the full official version of the game with the latest patch. Another example would be that sometimes they will not even be looking at me, and then they turn and Im dead. In a real close fire fight it seems as my system will lag more then at distance shooting. i will try the frame rate suggestion to see how that reacts.
  6. Update your GPU drivers.
    Update/Patch Your Game
    Update your OS

    And if none of these work, uninstall and reinstall your game. If that also doesn't work, then I would suggest a complete reformat of your PC. And if that don't work... Well you shiit out of luck :)
  7. The frame rate in game varies from about 29 to 39 FPS. average around 30
  8. 1. turn off v-sync

    2. 30 fps is too low, and coupled with v-sync your mouse lag must be unbearable.

    3. your system should be running TF2 without any problem. lower resolution and tune the settings down until your framerate is >60
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