Why Is The Games Section On Tom's Hardware So... Dead?

^^ Title says it all. Shouldn't this section be booming with gamers?
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  1. People only tend to post in the games forum when they:

    a) Have trouble with a game
    b) Don't know what to play

    In the case of a), most of them are pirates who complain because their illegal copy won't work. In the case of b), as soon as you've answered their question, they disappear and go play!
  2. Well they cleared out their games review staff a while back.

    There is no longer any "official" games discussion topics, no more staff whipping up interest. The game's staff used to post some nice articles that kept people discussing topics and coming up with ideas. They interacted with board members a lot and generally kept things busy.

    I know for myself I dont come here anywhere near as much since they took away that. Seriously who wants to read just fanboy raves and nerd rages :lol: .
  3. And idiots randomly bumping 4 year old threads.
  4. NERD RAGE!!!!!!!!!
  5. Too many great games are out right now so we are all playing rather than going on and on about them.

    Seriously though, it is better to go to the developer's forum for game info. This is more so a PC hardware community. It is called Toms HARDWARE Guide...
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