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I'm reviving my old PS2 collection (infact all my consoles) as I have cleared out the storage room and will use it as my media room. I have around 25 PS2 games, and wanted to know what the best PS2 games ever made.

I'm not into FPS for consoles, so nothing like that. But wouldn't mind Thrid Person Shooters. I'm more into Racing, Sports or Tekken type games. (I have the GTA collection, so anything but that I have most of the Fifas too.)

Can you guys help me find a few good titles for the PS2. I was never a console fan, so I didn't really have much knowledge of games on the PS2.
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  1. Best PS2 racing game is Grand Turismo 4 hands down.....
  2. third person shooter = ghosthunter

    probably the best third person shooter on that generation, and the best looking as well. the story is excellent, it's like ghostbusters meets resident evil.

    i occasionally set up my PS2 just to play ghosthunter again, one of the most underrated games ever.

    also, i think it's against the law to have a PS2 without FFX.
  3. god of war 1/2
    resident evil 4
    drakengaurd 2
    beyond good and evil
    need for speed most wanted/carbon/pro street the rest were'nt as good
    tekken 4/5
    gran turismo 4
    the godfather
    burnout revenge
    hitman blood money
    thats all i kept from my ps2 time
  4. Does anyone have a list of the best racing games? Also a list of the best fighting games.

    I've gone ahead and purchased NfSU1 and 2. (I know of all the others which I will be getting) I've gotten Juiced etc etc, I also have Soul Calibour. I have a few Fifa's as well.

    I'm into games like this for the console, other games I will dismiss, as I hate them on the console platform.
  5. bumpy...
  6. I just bought Fifa 06 for 50p at gamestation :) that was fun.
  7. bumpy
  8. bumpy...
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