SATA Config on GA-8KNXP

I have 4 SATA HD's and 1 CD-ROM that i want to install into a GA-8KNXP. Has someone been successful at doing this? I have searched the board but it seems the only setups on here are RAID configs and i am not interested in that configuration. I want seperate drives. Can someone give some advice on the proper settings to get this running with all 5 drives listed above? Thanks.
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  1. Disregard. I figured out how to make it work with all 4 HD and the 1 CD-ROM drives. Thanks.
  2. how did you do it.. I have 2 cd's and 1 sata drive in a new system build.. and I cannot get it to recognize the sata drive on the ch2r interface and the boot hangs when I use the sil3112 interface... hangs at the veifiying pool point of the boot..
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