FS: REAL Monster Rig. Killer Deal. ~Don't Settle for Anything Less!

For sale is rig I put together myself, done with proper leak testing and cable routing along with a very stable overclock on the CPU and GPU.

If you want a REAL monster rig for a KILLER price, look no further. Don't waste time on mediocore builds that will just require part upgrade after part upgrade, this rig will blow every demanding game to bits and do it in silent style.

At least take a look at the Ebay pics, this thing is a beauty!

Components are as follows:
- Intel 2600k Core i7 - Overclocked to 4.5Ghz
- 16GB DDR3 RAM (Gskill Ripjaws X)
- XFX Black Edition 7970 with EK Waterblock
- 850W Corsair Power Supply
- 64gb Samsung Boot SSD
- 500GB 7200 RPM Storage HDD
- ASRock P67 Professional Motherboard (Fatal1ty edition, supports Nvidia and ATI GPUs and SLI and 3 way crossfire)
- Samsung CD / DVD / Bluray drive
- NZXT Switch 810 case

- MCP 655 Swiftech pump
- Swiftech Apogee CPU waterblock
- Triple radiator inside top of case
- double radiator inside bottom of case

This beast is SILENT and MINT as well as DUST FREE , also BLASTS through any game, from Battlefield 3 to Batman Arkham City on the highest settings at 70+ FPS!!!

(Selling this to move a gaming laptop, as I need something more mobile)

Firm at $1500 (Excellent deal when you consider the high quality liquid cooling parts used in an already high-end rig).

Ebay Link:
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  1. Bumpity
  2. Price is now at a killer $1500!
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