Windows 7 x64 drivers for a Macbook Pro 2.2

Yes I typed Win 7 drivers for a Macbook Pro2.2. A friend of mine gave me his 2 yr old mac book pro with a toasted drive and now OS/X dvd. So I figured that since it's an intel duo core processor that I would install Win 7 x64 Ultimate. I installed it and in found all the devices except: the display adapter, monitor, icamera and performance counters. I know that the video card is an ATI x1900XT, but ati didn't have a driver for windows 7.

Has anybody been successful with a full windows 7 install as opposed to use Bootcamp to do it.
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  1. ATI ended driver support for X1xxx series graphics at CCC 10.2.

    You can get 10.2 here for your X1900XT. The Vista 64-bit driver should work.
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