Ps3 v xbox 360 elite

what do you mean by a smaller game library? i thought most all games are available on both systems? Which games aren't available on PS3?
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  1. 360 has almost no exclusive titles whatsoever. Fable and Halo, thats about it. Ps3 has Uncharted, God of War, Demon' Souls, Infamous, etc.

    Really, the 360 has the same problem the Xbox had: Lack of exclusive titles. Theres a reason why the GOTY for the 360 was L4D2 of all things...
  2. ok- so my kids like sports games mainly, and assassins, mortal combat- so Im okay withthe PS3?
  3. Both consoles have the majority of the same games and both work equally well. If you want one of the console specific games then that will guide your decision.

    Value for money overall the PS3 is better because of the Blu-Ray and bigegr HDD - plus the free on line gaming.
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