Why does my Crysis Stutter/Pauses?

I have just upgraded my 8800GTX to a ATI 4890, why does my Crysis stutter/pauses but the overall gameplay is smooth?

Running it at 1680X1050 4XAA VERY HIGH.

Stutters/Pauses even on medium settings.

My System
Q9550 2.8Ghz
2GB RAM 800Mhz
HD 4890

My PSU is a HEC WIN+ Power 550W. Do you guys think that the PSU is the culprit? It did say that the minimum requirements for the 4890 is 550W, and I calculated that my system only takes 380W.
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    Overclock your CPU to around 3.2Ghz or beyond. That should solve it. If it dosn't, just tone down your settings from Very High.

    Overall, Crysis puts i7 rigs to the test. So it's nothing suprising.
  2. yeah, an overclock could help you alot. since the game is very dependent on just about every component in your system, so you need to push it hard.

    if its stuttering i owuld suspect its hacing trouble with loading data though. perhaps your RAM/HDD is the culprit. if either of these are sub-par, then the game will stutter as it moves data between them.

    try OCing first though. even if only by a few hundred Mhz
  3. Ok, thanks for the help
  4. yorro, I was running crysis on all high settings on a core i7950 with 2 4870x2's and at the time a driver issue was the cause of the lagg..i updated my drivers and the performance improved..
    however, some think this game , while being great, could have been coded better..
  5. iam also running 2 4870 and still get stuttering in crysis,i dont know of any rig that runs it smooth on very high settings,i have brought it from steam and cannot play it as everytime i go to apply settings,key or graphic settings it crashes,i have to re-boot my pc,its just a very glichy game iam affraid
  6. some games , while looking great having a great story are not coded great and the most powerful hardware will have problems running them..

    on a core i7950 with 2 4870x'2 with all settings to the very max and the max res about 45 fps
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