How will Oblivion run on this hardware

I am going to put in some new hardware into my system soon and I want to know if it would be able to play Oblivion with Qarl's Texture Pack 3

Athlon II x2 245 @ 3.4ghz
785gm-e65 mobo
HIS Radeon HD 5750

At 4x AA at 1280 x 1024 resolution, what fps do you think I could get as a minimum? I was hoping 25+ but is that too much to hope for?
And if i was to upgrade my monitor soon would 1080p be too much for my card to handle?
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  1. skittles.
  2. Your card will run just fine at those settings,iam guessing its a 1gb card,but the thing is you may not get the best from that card with the processor you have,it may bottleneck your card,you could really do with x4 phenom 955,but then you would have to change your mobo as well.
  3. the 785gm-e65 supports all am3 140w quad cores including Phenom II...
  4. anyone?
  5. I'm running Oblivion with all the expansions/DLC packs installed on Q6600 (Core2Quad - 2.4ghz) with a Radeon HD3870 on a 1920x1200 resolution 24" monitor and it runs fine with everything up full. The only thing is because of some weird bug or something it won't let me enable AA and HDR at the same time. If I want AntiAliasing I have to have 'Bloom', if I have HDR I can't have AA.

    So I think you should be completely fine.

    Oh and 3D Guru seems to suggest that a Phenom II will go into that board
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