Ultimate HTPC - core i7 950 - Ceton 4 - GTS 450 - 2TB + 640GB HDD - Bl

I am selling my HTPC. Its listed on ebay but I can work out a deal with a member here if someone is interested. Original buyer screwed me over and said it was damaged then used credit card to get chargeback. I got stuck having to pay paypal everything so selling the computer again. As I stated on ebay I can verify everything works perfectly as I am using it now. However case was kind of beat up so most likely needs new case.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit preinstalled
Intel core i7 950
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R rev 1 motherboard
EVGA GTS 450 VIdeo Card
640GB WD Main System HDD
2TB Data HDD
Extra Rosewill 120mm fan
Ceton Infinitv 4 quad tuner
LG Blu Ray Drive
8GB (2x4GB) G skill ddr3 1333 ram (2 of these)
Antec earthwatts 750w PSU
Cooler Master GeminII S - Processor cooler
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  1. Any interest in parting it out?
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