I need a PC Racing wheel - how is this one?

I've been playing Dirt 2 Demo using hte Arrows - and I'm really enjoying it. Would like to get a Racing wheel to work with my PC - but I"m finding limited reviews as to which one to choose.

I found an old article from Toms Hardware 2002 breaking down all the different models at the time - and learned that Steel Mount with Bearings is the ideal. The G25, and G27 look to be the best options but way out of my price range at 300.00. I would like to spend 50 or less - but for $100.00 Range I found the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Wheel with Piston and Bearings for wheel - and the Pedals look to be much nicer than most other mid or low range Wheels. I don't want to buy a Wheel and find in the next couple of months falling apart - and needing to be replaced.

The F430 looks like a really nice wheel - came out Dec 08 - but I'm finding very few reviews of it.

Edit: Also considering a Logitech MOMO - but Not sure how long I'd get out of the Pedals and wheel before parts started wearing out. The Thrustmaster F430 appears more solidly built from the little I was able to gather online - but there's not alot of info out there on it.

I'd love to hear some feedback on the F430 - or other's opinions on the Thrustmaster or other Racing wheels.
Again, there is no way I can afford a $300.00 wheel, so a G25 or G27 is out of the question. Maybe later - but I'd like to get some time behind a wheel with some games to know if it's worth saving and that I'd actually get that kindof benefit to invest $300.00 in a Racing wheel.

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  1. the cheapest wheel you should get is a driving force gt. There's also the fanatec porsche carrera wheel, but it's not out yet.


    Fanatec 911 turbo>g25/g27>DFGT>DFP>ferrari>momo>


    They all work for pc.
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