Battlefield bad company 2,can I run it?

Ok guys so here is the main question can I run this game peacefully without too much jiggering,stuttering etc etc are the requirements that this game wants:

Minimum Frostbite PC Specifications for BFBC2 & BF1943

Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
Main memory: 2GB
Graphics card: GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900
Graphics memory: 256MB
OS: Windows XP
Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2) / 10GB for Digital Version, 4GB for Disc Version (BF1943)

Recommended Frostbite PC Specifications for BFBC2 & BF1943

Processor: Quadcore
Main memory: 2GB
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 260
Graphics memory: 512MB
OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2) / 10GB for Digital Version, 4GB for Disc Version (BF1943)

Well comparing to MW2 they seem high but maeby that frostbite engine is really power hungry who knows????
Any ways I went to "Can I run it" and did the diagnostics and I saw that I'm somewhere below the middle with my pc system,and here is what I have on it,keep in mind that when Crysis came out the very first Crysis game I played that game without any lag or stutter in stock settings around 30 fps I think.I dont look into runing BFBC2 on high settings,if I can run it in stock settings and maeby iven lower down couple of resolution set on extra* to medium* i'll be fine iven with 20 fps but as long as the game plays smooth.I mean I run WAW on stock settings with at 90 fps most of the time but the game still lags and stutter,I guess thats up to the game sometimes,while COD4 I rarely see stutter or lag.I just need a game to entertain me until my next upgrade in 2011,ill be waithing on AMD 32 nm chip,and while waithing on it the price of the ati 5970 will drop in a year,corsair obsidian 800d case will aslo drop,dominator 8gb with the fan ddr3 will also drop etc etc etc and maeby then will have the am3+ or am4 mobo!!!!Something I wont go cheap is the mobo,case and PSU.

Any ways here are my system specs:

Intel core2 dual e6700 2.7ghz 65nm
nvidia gtx 8800 768mb
2gb ram 800
XP Windows( I guess I'm not concerned about the OS as much as I'm concerned about the hardware)

I will waith on the beta in january to get the feeling of it,but in mean time wanted to ask you guys what ya think,will I have problem running this puppy smooth?

i know if i cant I'm doing to end up spending around $600 for upgrade which will be Intel core 2 quad q9505 2.83 ghz - (its the only 45 nm quad that my mobo supports,wont support the 9400,9550,9650 etc etc etc),i will go with the ATI 5850 and probably 650W PSU cause I dont think that my 550W NZXT will handle the video card although it says minimum 500W,I dont want to see smoke going up from behind my pc lol.

So guys I'm sorry for the long post,but please tell me what you think!!!!!
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  1. yoiu should be okay.

    the game is way more demanding than MW2, because the frostbite engien is much more advanced. the destructable environments will take a toll on processors, and very nice textures and REAL HDR lighting will push GPUs much mroe than MW2, which is not that demanding a game.

    but your rig should do the job. you'll need to lower some settings to go easy on the 880GT, but your proc should handle alright. you WILL get some slowdown though when stuff starts blowing up. maybe invest in an aftermatket cooler and do some OCing.
  2. I guess aftermarket cooler for the processor should be a good idea huh? if i can get 3.5ghz would be cool just i need to look onto some youtube videos on how to overclock since i never had done that task before,by the way my GPU is not 8800GT its 8800GTX,its somewhat better than the GT and have 768 mb onboard memory instead 512 of the GT.

    Any other people thoughts on this matter?

    by the way thanks for ur opinion buddy,I apreciate that. :hello:
  3. NP.

    yeah i noticed GTX, just didnt type it. my bad. still fairly low end by todays standards though. ids a card card for sure, but BC2 looks pretty good so i imagine your GPU may struggle a little. the main thing is definetly the proc though. if youve played red faction guerilla you'll know how much a serious processor can buckle when stuff starts falling apart. so you will get slowdown. OCing will help that though. its very easy to do these days anyway. as long as you dont do anything stupid, theres very little that can go wrong.

    if you do upgrade your GPU, your PSU will handle iot fine though. a 550w is mroe than enough for a 5850. id recomend saving some cash for an upgrade though. a new mobo with a core i5 750 and a 5850 gpu willl keep you futureproofed for a long while.
  4. i5 is a great chip from the reviews i read,but the fact is that if i build my self new pc i will have to start from scratch,that means new everything not just mobo,psu,gpu,cpu i will go with new case,power supply etc etc etc,but i somehow lean more towards amd since their platforms are backwards upgradable,that looks a lot future proof to me,and their processor are quite at descent price,nice knowing that you have am3 mobo and down the road lets say a year or more later you can pop in 32nm transistor processor,cant beat that.

    Any ways if s**t hits the fence when i try the beta,I will just upgrade the GPU and CPU,I hope that the 550w NZXT can handle 5850 and intel q9505,I also have second cd/dvd burner reader I will disconest it to make sure that wont feed a lot of the juice LOL.
  5. the dvd burner will be a minuscule percentage of the power draw. but really, a 550 watt is plenty for a 5850.

    i get what you are saying about goinf AMD (and i have an AMD rig), but i odnt think the futureprrof thing is too accurate. the last couple gens have been that way, but thats exactly why AMD have fallen behind performance wise. they know this, and id be willing to bet the next set of processors they release will be on a whole new archetecture, and a whole new socket.
    but of course, both intel and AMD are only just out with their latest procs. so it will be a while yet before we see new sockets from either side. and the new 32nm stuff will be current socket anyways.

    but if you plan on going AM3 so you can stick with an am2 mobo, without needing to upgrade RAM, i get ya. i did just that. it saved me a bundle. but right now, building from scratch, the i5 has pretty big performance edge on the 965. and IMO, enough to justify the price difference.

    GL with the open beta though. maybe ill see ya online.
  6. sure thing men we may meet on some servers,I hit now and then WAW and MW1,never bought MW2 cause of all the hustle happened from IW,I guess by you telling me that 550w is enough for the 5850 and the quad from intel upgrade you just saved me $100,thanks for that.If you play any of the COD games,heck I iven play COD1 still cause I love the hurtgen rifle server,I play on some england based server which previosly was based in germany,ping is not too great hits to 200,but i still win 90% of the time,did my share in lots of cod clan competitions here in US.anyways thanks a lot on the info my man and if you are hitting COD franchise hit me up on xfire: soldat1979,hope to see you around and thanks again m8.
  7. happy to help :)
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