Abit IC7-G motherboard will not boot...Please help

I just received all of my parts for my new box. Here are the specs:
XP-Alien Full ATX tower 500 Watt PS
P4 3.06 MHZ 800 MHZ FSB
1024 Kingston HyberX PC 3200 (KIT)
80 GIG IBM ATA 100
40 GIG Maxtor ATA 100
Audgy 2 sound card
ATI AIW 9800 Pro 128 megs
Abit I7C-G Motherboard

Ok, I put everything together and plug in. The tower blinks and the case fans spin for a second and then the tower just goes off. I have unhooked everything from the motherboard except the bare essentials, the vid card, processor, and the tower still does the same thing. The fans on the motherboard (processor fan, chipset fan, vid card fan) do not even spin at all. Like I said the case fans will spin for a second and then crap out too. The ethernet light on the motherboard is also on after the system cuts off. I have pretty much narrowed it down to either the Case having a bad power supply, the motherboard, or the case wiring is bad. BTW, I have connected and reconnected the power cables and all of my connections to the motherboard are absolutely right as rain. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Ok, I spoke with someone who told me it may be my motherboard shorting out on the case. Anybody else ever had this issue? When I get home I'll try to take the motherboard out and reseat it and if that doesn't do it then I'll try taking the mobo completely out and put it in a static bag and see if it will boot.
  2. I've got this problem twice now on my ic7-g, the first time it helped to clear the cmos, but the second time (last night) it didn't help at all, i've tried almost everything I can think of now, except for exchanging the card and the cpu.
  3. Mainstreamer,
    Your case would come on for a split second and then immedialtely cut off? I'm thinking (hoping) I may have a case to mobo mount short. Anyway, if it is the mobo I'll guess I'll be sending it back to zipzoomfly.
  4. Yup thats just whats happens.

    I've done some searching on abits forum (http://forum.abit-usa.com/) and it seems like it's many that got the same problem that we got. (search for "ic7-g dead" if you want to look at it). I've sent a mail to the place I bought it from and asked what to do. I guess I've to send it to them for a check/replacement

    But hopefully is it just a short in your case, mine worked like a rock the first two months
  5. It's alive!! It was a mobo to case short. Thanks for the help.
  6. There's this LONG post that's PERMANENTLY STUCK AT THE TOP of this forum that tells you EXACTLY how to diagnose these types of problems without having to ask a bunch of newbies or bug the experts (who have grown weary of answering the same question 1024 times a month).

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