New 1080p monitor, which xbox 360 resolution to use?

Hi folks! I've recently purchased an Lg W2353 1080p 23" monitor for use with my xbox 360. However, I've noticed that some games, like MW2, actually look better when i set the 360 to run games at 720p rather than the monitor's native resolution of 1080p. Is this because of the whole upscaling process? (The monitor has 2ms and 50000:1 ratio.) I basically just want someone to reassure me that i'm not crazy and that it's ok to use 720p resolution on a 1920x1080 native LCD.
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  1. It only takes a few seconds to change your screen resolution on the 360 before you play a game so you could always switch between the modes that make your games look the best.

    Otherwise note down which games look best and which resolution and then go with the higher percentage.

    Either which way the monitor will handle 720 to 1080 upscaling no problem.
  2. Thanks, that sounds like fine advice. I think i'll keep running the 360 in 720p as the images appear less blurry than when they are upscaled to 1080p in Modern Warfare 2. I guess LCD technology has com a long way; games used to look like crap when played in anything but the native resolution on my old monitor.
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