ga-7vax1394 - program crash, then freeze

heyo all, I gotta a real annoying problem

Symptoms are: Im using my comp (win2000 latest sp), the program im currently using crashes with the standard illegal operation error msg then about 1 second later, the entire computer freezes with the error still on the screen and whatever sound I had playing (or not) looping a little piece of it. I can just leave it there and it will happily sit there and do nothing untill I reset and it works fine again.

This happen at very odd intervals, somtimes twice a day, sometimes not for weeks. It doesnt seem to matter what program im using, I have had it happen in games, 3d design software, photoshop, netscape etc... It also doesnt seem linked to being on the net or not, or with what periferals I have. I long as I have had this computer, this problem has been around. It can happen in any weather/temperature at any time as far as I can tell.

does this sound like somthing specific to anyone?

here are my box specs: (as far as I can remebers, im at work) Nothing is overclocked or ever has been as far as I know.

mobo: gigabyte GA-7VAX1394 (kt400 chipst, im not using he 1394)
cpu: athlon xp2000+
ram: 512meg stick of kingston pc2700
vid: asus geforce256 (must get new vid card......)
hd: 80gb WD 7200rpm 8meg cache + 20gb seagate 7200 baracuda
powersupply: cant remember, only 8 mnths old
Mouse, kbd, modem bla bla.... all changed except modem since I bought the comp, so not them.
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  1. I had a problem like that once. Mine wasn't fixable, it was caused by the VIA PCI latency issue causing problems with several of my top quality cards. The only solution I found was to put slower garbage in the system and sell it.

    But your problem could be caused by a failing power supply, unstable line voltage on the power grid, partially damaged RAM, or failing capacitors on the motherboard!

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