Wtb looking for a lga775 mobo


As thread name says I'm in need of a lga775 mobo to revive old setup. Need it for QX9650.
Wanting to run two 8800 ultra with it so sli needed. Doesnt matter if DDR2 or DDR3. Let me know what you have. Used to have Evga 780i so yeah.

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  1. I know its old but no one has any old mobos lying around a waste?

    Help a brother out please. I miss my old computer :(.

    Or even if you have any place I can take a look other then ebay, that'd be great.

  2. Anyone?
  3. I sent you a PM.
  4. NewEgg
  5. NewEgg doesn't have em anymore, do they? I'll take a look again, if you could post a link that'd help too.

  6. eBay for EVGA 775 SLI mobo, you can find the right used one cheap, it will cost you lots for new..

  7. 47 choices

    I just bought this one for a core2 duo.

    It supports all the 775 chips I believe. Also DDR3 1066 (O.C. 1333mhz) It has som auto overclock settings in the bios up to 15-20% but I think you can do a little more if you know what you are doing though the chipset won't allow a whole lot. $100 with 2x4gb G Skill ram all said and done. Sign up for their news letters and you get coupons and some pretty good deals in your email.
  8. I have a gigabyte EP45-UD3R that I'm trying to sell, also have crucial ddr2 4gb, TRUE heatsink, 260gtx and a q9550
  9. why do not you buy and newest motherboards?

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