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I'm trying to play through NWN2 again. I didn't give it much time a couple years back. I had it running on XP64 on my old machine. My partially rebuilt machine still has XP64 but when I patched the game it wouldn't run anymore. It would just load the launcher and then sit there and quit. If I don't put on patches I'm ok. I want to patch this game so now I'm trying to figure out of I should upgrade my XP64 to Windows 7 or downgrade to regular old XP.

My current set up is:

AMD Phenom II X3 720 (running at 3.4GHz)
4Gig DDR3 (running at 1600MHz)
7600GT (I OCed as far as I could take it 690MHz GPU / 800 MHz RAM) - this is the next to be upgraded.

If I went to Windows 7 would I be hurting myself on graphics performance with my 7600GT or does it really matter? Are there any other issues anyone is aware of that I'm missing? I guess worst case I could just run an old harddrive with regular XP running on it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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  1. Running Win7 vs. XP will do nothing for peformance that you would see, unless you run multiple Gfx cards then 7 is faster. I would move to 7 as the tech is better e.g. SSD drives, DX11 among other techs that are the future.
  2. I found with NWN and NWN2 that I had to update the video driver (or roll it back to a known working version), esp. with some of the download modules, or else I'd get the same symptoms as you described...
  3. Gaming performance won't be hurt too bad, especially with the rig you have. At least you'd have better 64-bit driver support.

    I'm running NWN2 without a problem under Windows 7 64-bit Professional. I haven't tried NWN1, but I did have it running under Vista 64-bit.
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