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I just baught gta4 on Steam ($9!!!!) and its great but the graphics panel is making me mad. It wont let me max everything out. If i make textures medium i can do everything even 1920 1200 resolution bit once i go to high i have to lower res to 1280 720 and change veiw to 48... Any way to bypass this. If it matters my system is i7 920, radeon 4850 1024mb and 6 gig ram. Im fine with 15-20 fps FYI.

Any help is appreciated!
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    buy a 2gb gpu. you are aware that the vram is whats holding you back right?
  2. Yes i am aware of the vram holding me back. I would prefer an alternative to buying a new graphics card, more like a mod or something. Also i found a loophole but it kinda lame. If you start with the game set to high texture then change the texture to low or medium it will not change the textures since it requires restart but will let you boost the resolution and veiw. I can go up to 1680 1000 and 80 veiw with playable frame rates (20-35) but if i go to 1920 1200 and 100 veiw it crashes lol.
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