Mass Effect 2 for CHEAP

A heads up for a GREAT game (based on my experience on ME1)

MASS EFFECT 2 is $36.99 at amazon (PC)
or $46.99 (XBOX360)

it's actually $46.99 PC (for XBOX360 it's $56.99), but when you pre-order they give you a $10 credit towards a future game purchase, you also get "inferno armor" for in-game use

I'm saving my $10 credit for starcraft 2. 2010 is going to be a killer gaming year.

Mods, I posted this in the deals section, but I also know most people don't visit the deals forum. This deal is just too good not to spread around and I thought the games forum was also a good choice...
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  1. Thanks for sharing! Will probably buy it from Steam though...
  2. Got Mass effect 1 for $9.99 from EA's site, if anyone hasn't played the first and wants to catch up on the storyline.
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