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So, I have a HDMI to DVI cable and hooked up my PS3 to my dell S2409W monitor, the video worked perfectly, looks beautiful. The problem is I have no idea how to my sound working. I have a turtle beach P21 headset, and would like to play using it but, I have no clue how to set this up. If someone could just outline the steps for me I would very grateful. I've searched around but have been unable to find anything.
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  1. I just got a ps3 and am wanting to do the same as you, thankfully I have hdmi input on my monitor so hopefully it just works. Anyway.....I think you should be able to hook up to speakers or headphones using this little guy.

    or perhaps one of these.

    What you should need to do is hook up hdmi as you already did, go into the ps3 system settings and specify to it that you wish to run your audio through the audio/video cables. The plug your red and white audio cables into the adapter, and your speakers or headphones into the other and you should be in business.
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