LOD (level of detail) distance problem! HELP! =(

Last time I played Assassin's Creed was with my prehistoric rig with the minimum graphics settings, and I didn't enjoyed it (-.-). But now I just recently upgraded and I thought maybe I could replay the game with the maximum settings.
And uhhh I dunno if it's normal but the LOD distance of my Assassin's Creed is very close/short! I can see the ugly objects/shadows/NPC's changes to their maximum detail as I come closer. It annoys me, seriously. :pfff:

Same goes for my COD4, but I do know how to fix it on this particular game. The commands are "\r_lodbiasrigid -1000, and "\r_lodbiasskinned -1000". But everytime I reconnect or restart the program, it resets to the values 0, which is the ugly-from-afar. Dunno how to permanently fix this :fou:

Same goes for Dragon Age too! 0_0 but it's not that ugly from afar though. I can just see the best textures pop-up on NPC's when I come closer.

Anway, what's the recommended specs for Assassin's creed? 0.o Cos' when me was playing it with the highest settings (reso: 1280x1024), I was getting 30-40ish fps when I'm in an open area (where I can see the mountains and all) :fou:

CPU: phenom x2 550 be @ stock
MOBO: Biostar TA790GXBE
RAM: 2x2gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 800 CL4
GPU: ATI Sapphire 5770 @ stock (9.12 driver)
PSU: FSP Blue Storm II 500w (80% effective)
HDD: 1xSeagate 7200 500gb

Is it my motherboard? Maybe it's my HDD :heink:

Makes me wanna throw away my whole rig and buy a fresh one :fou:
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