Computer shuts down while installing win7


I just built a new computer. I downloaded the iso for windows 7 from digital river and burned it on DVD. I set the computer to boot from CD and then it says "Windows loading files" and then my computer shuts down right after the bar finishes loading..

Any idea why it's doing this?
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  1. Hi.

    Could be an Illegal OS?
  2. No, I bought the OS through digital river so it is legal.

    My computer components:
    CPU:i7 950
    CPU cooler: corsair h70
    mobo: EVGA x58 ftw3
    PSU: corsair hx850w
    RAM: 6gb compatible corsair dominator
    GPU: x2 Nvidia 480 GTX SLI

    I have everything hooked up and it seems like the power shuts down during BIOS or during windows 7 installation.. Not sure what to do..
  3. Uninstall one GTX480 and try to install again.
  4. unplugged and took one card out, same problem. Sometimes it will take me to Windows setup but it will die @"Expanding Files 0%". It also shuts down during BIOS sometimes.
  5. double checked on the wires and changed the optical drives wire to a different one. then I ran Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and it died @20%.. I checked the CPU temp and its 85c, everything else below 50c.. is 85c too hot? I'm not sure if it might be related to the CPU cooler, but it seems to be mounted with the thermal glue and the pull-push fans + radiator on top are working well.

    Not sure what check next >_>
  6. How did you check the CPU temperature? The BIOS can sometimes get it wrong if it's not properly set up for your CPU. Try CoreTemp or RealTemp; if they give the same readings then you have a problem. I would say that anything over about 60 under load, or 40 when idling, is getting too high. I would expect lower temperatures than these in practice.

    Overheating would certailnly explain your symptoms, particularly as they happen at the "expanding files" stage, when you would expect the CPU to be working a little harder.
  7. I figured out the problem. The CPU cooler's fan wasn't plugged properly into the CPU Fan Header in the mobo, so it wasn't even functioning. I guess it kept shutting down to protect the chip. I wonder if my CPU is damaged though >_>
  8. I doubt the CPU is damaged - that's why it shuts down. Looking at the Intel specs the maximum recommended temperature is 70, which certainly explains your problem.

    Glad it's all fixed now, hopefully with no lasting damage.
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