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hi just got gta iv on pc. i am trying to use it on my dell 1545 laptop . it has successfully installed and when i run it it starts then a message "fatal error has occurred " appears . does anyone have any ideas? thanks
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  1. +1 to Strangestranger's comments.

    Just looked up that model on the Dell website and there's no way a Celeron and Intel graphics chip (even a dual core Celeron) will be able to run GTA4. Not talking "run it at full settings", I mean at all. That game won't even start - as you've found out.

    The game needs a quad or triple core and a decent discrete graphics card/chip from Nvidia or ATI. It will run on a very fast dual core but not well, but without a decent graphics card you're sunk from the start.

    I'm afraid you haven't got a gaming laptop there, and without spending well into four figures (IMHO) you won't find any laptop that can play GTA4. Try aiming your sights a little lower, it should play Vice City nicely and might be OK with San Andreas. Give them a shot and you should have a happy Christmas GTA-ing. :)
  2. with a little work i had gtaIV playable on my N10, with an atom procesor (single core) and 9300m.

    but that was barely playable (12fps ish). but yeah, what theyve said is still true. dont waste your time. if you really want to play it on the laptop, try streammygame.com
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