Futureproof mobo?

Hello people,
I'm new in the community and it is my 1st post.
"So please, have a warm welcome to TC1"

OK! Now, to business:
With all the different CPUs and chipsets available today, it is hard to figure out which one to use.
Unless your a diehard fanatic that knows every details about both.
This is not my case, even though I read THG regularly.

So, if I want to buy a mobo that gives me the best futureproof possibilities now, which one should I look at.
I'm currently running a PIII 450 on an old ASUS P2B. Very stable and reliable. One the the best board of that time.
I'd love to upgrade to a P4 with HT but the pricing is out of my reach for now. So I'll probably go for a P4 2.5Ghz or the like but I'd like to have a mobo that will let me upgrade to the latest P4 when prices come down to a more reasonable level.

From the "Big Business: 18 P4 boards In Price / Performance Face-Off " article, the the DFI PS35-BL and the FIC P4-865P Ultra are the 2 boards that got recommended.
Are they still the top of the crop?

What are your suggestions?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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  1. Neither would be my pick. You want the most reliable m/b based on an Intel chipset, go with an Intel m/b. The downside is they are somewhat lacking in features / tweakability. My second choice (again talking Intel chipset) would be ASUS. As far as future proof, lol, none of the above. Intel has stuck with socket 478 longer than is usually the case for them. I might be tempted to say Athlon64, but I read somewhere that AMD might be switching sockets not too long after the 64bit stuff comes out (kinda like Intel did with the P4 - 423 to 478 not long afterwards).

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  2. Best board for features/performance/quality at around $100 is the Abit IS7.

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  3. How much do you want to spend? Intel price change 26 Oct.
  4. Thanks for your answers guys.

    Right now, price is not an issue. I mean, I wont base my choice on price at first.
    I'd like to be able to choose from 2 to 3 good mobos and then decide on price/performance/upgradability.

    I have a feeling that Intel mobos are a favored choice. Though they never really make it as the top choice in any THG tryouts. Why is that?
    It does make sense to use an Intel MB with an Intel CPU. One would think you can't get a better match.
    Oh, and yes, I'd like to stick with Intel's CPUs. Nothing's wrong with AMD's but it's just a matter of preferrence. Nothing logical about it, purely a feel.

    Thanks again.

  5. Next question what are you going to use your puter for?
  6. <<what are you going to use your puter for>>

    i am guessing... for heavy "puter"ing;?>

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  7. I would look at something like the I865 Socket478 boards. Abit IS7-M, Asus P4P800, & Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-L. All around 100 dollars, dual channel memory capable, audio, Lan, 400/533/800 fsb. Now I would buy a video card over any Intel onboard video, 9700 pro or 9800 pro.
  8. Asus P4C800-E is the best for extras and stability. Has all the best features and also "apperently" works with P5 prescott processors

    MSI 875P NEO for overclocking and features

    GigaByte GA-8KNXP also good

    buy a 2.4C, cheaper and easy to overclock, probably faster than the old 2.5
  9. Good info so far, guys.
    Appreciate it a lot.

    First, the 'puter will be used mainly to play some game. Not much else to do with a 'puter.
    Actually, to tell you all the truth, this is more for a friend of mine than for me.
    That's all he'll be interested in doing with his 'puter.
    Right now, he has a PC that has no AGP slot in a Compaq machine. So he and his wife just want to have some fun with it. He has an ATI 7500 that he will be using at first and upgrade later to a beter card (ATI 9800 XT)

    I like your idea of the 2.4C, TwoFruitz.
    I will investigate this one further.

    I used to be on top of the game when I was working in a PC shop but for the last 2 years I'm out so I'm not as in the pool as I used to. So these info here are useful for me too as I plan on getting a newer PC after the Hollidays.
    I use my PC for music mainly these days. Gaming is not as much as a priority as it was a few years back.

    So, keep'em coming boys.
    I really look forward to come and read your comments at the end of my day.
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