Why do i lag in MW2? Help please

I experience lag in mw2 when in certain spots in maps like karachi and scrapyard. MY fps will go from about 50-20 in seconds.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
4 Gigs Ram
Windows 7 OS

i have updated all my drivers. I tried changing video settings to see that i get a better fps in a higher quality. please help
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  1. This is most likely operative system related, which might mean a program is taking alot of your RAM/CPU, spyware, virus, virus scan and so on.

    I'd suggest you ran MW2 without any other programs than steam up and see if it's better, or run a virus/spyware scan, and check if your other programs dont interfere with it
  2. i tried this but it is still dropping. When i play in a server by myself, my fps still drops. idk whats wrong
  3. hey maybe its ur internet connection If you are talking about multiplayer ofcourse. if the problem is on Singleplayer then check ur drivers and maybe somekind of antivirus related issue. those things take alot away from your core componets although you might not be able to tell up front. but im very shure its either your network card, router, or signal problems.
  4. ohh yeahhh also forgot to mention: IWnet sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. my fps drops really low. it is also laggy in spots in single player
  6. maybe your cpu is creating bottlenecks
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