Thinking of buying the 6950 for $150. Advises please!

Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading from my 5770 to a 6950. My friend offered his for 150. It's a Sapphire, here's the link:

Is this a good deal? Or should I choose other upgrade options later? I'm a noob so thank you all for advises!

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  1. I would sell your 5770 first and see if you get any offers on craigslist or anandtech (you'll have to register and ship it, but you should get more offers there). Your friend can wait; or he can offer the card for less if he's in a rush to sell.
  2. 150 for a local 6950 is pretty good. The best I've seen is 160-170$.
  3. good looking reviews on the card from the users.. looks like a winner.

  4. I have a Gigabyte 6950 2gb unlocked for $165 plus shipping.
  5. I would say go with a first hand Sapphire 6950 - 190$ after rebate and comes with BF3 and Dirt 3. Can sell off the BF3 coupon if you already have it as well.
  6. never rely on a rebate to "lower" your purchase price. i usually use it as a bonus. outta 30-40 rebates mailed, i think i got low 20's back. what ive found is that the timing of when they hit, get used, and finally applied for usually eats up all the time for the rebate. hell i still get debit cards and chacks from 8-10months from purchase. heck, some of the stuff i dont even have any more and i got a check!

  7. If he's a good friend, you can probably talk him lower on the price... However, $150 isn't too bad. There's a few around town here going for $140-160 just to give you a range of what other markets are looking like (Dallas)....
  8. Yeah in this case rebate is not a huge deal because it's just 10$ . Even without rebate 200$ with BF3 and Dirt3 Included on the 6950 is an absolute steal.
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