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Im trying to build a system with a Asus a7n8x-vm mobo and an Athlon XP 2500 cpu. After making all the right connections(im pretty sure) I power on and everything starts fine for about 5 or 6 seconds then shuts down. I get no display or beeps, i am very frustrated and i would greatly appreciate anyone who would take the time to give me suggestions on what to do. ive built a system before with no problems, but i dont know whats goin on wwith this one. Any suggestions?
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  1. Few things to check

    Power Supply at least 300W

    CPU heatsink fan plugged into Fan 1

    CPU heatsink fan is turning

    CPU heatsink fan is sending an RPM signal

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  2. Also try reading the first post in this forum and see if any of those solutions help.

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  3. as far as i know AMD systems do this if the heatsink stops spinning. some mobos dont have the ability to save the CPU if it overheats. the worst case senario would be that uve burnt out your processer. it happened to me last year, same problem
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