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if i get a vga female to female adapter and then get a vga to hdmi and connect that to my ps3 would that work?
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  1. Yes, if that is how your monitor is configured. When I tried this I couldn't get sound the system said the HDMI was incapable of it or something, but I did get picture.
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    You should get picture but not sound.
  3. I know i wont get sound lol I'll use the digital out or whatever it is to plug in a aux cable and ill use my ihome or something lol thanks guys
  4. I don't think it will work because VGA has analog encoding and HDMI or DVI has digital encoding.In other word you should connect your ps3 to the monitor through DVI (HDMI to DVI cable) or if you don't have DVI you should consider buying a new monitor.A vga connection cannot supply enough bandwidth, maybe it will work but not like you want it to.
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