PS/2 Keyboard Emulator?

I have a few really old games from the 1990s such as Sensible World of Soccer. I still enjoy playing these however many of these games only recognise an old PS/2 keyboard and not a USB keyboard. The problem is my new motherboard has no PS/2 port. I am currently using a USB keyboard; however these games do not recognise USB keyboards. In light of this I wondered if there was some sort of PS/2 keyboard emulator which would trick these games into thinking my USB keyboard is a PS/2 keyboard?

I have been searching on this topic but have been unable to find anything so would really be grateful with some help on this.

Thanks Dave
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  1. which games are you talking about?

    many of these older games have 3rd parfty patches or modifications available that allow for the use of usb keyboards. try googling for one.
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