Can PS2 Ports Die on a Mobo?

Yesterday morning, I woke up, fired up my PC, and tried to get into windows. I could not move the mouse, nor could I type anything.

Firstoff, I have an Elite Keyboard from Logitech. It's USB, but has a USB to PS2 connector for it. I also have a Logitech MX700 mouse. My mobo is the Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 1.06 board. Running Win XP Pro.

I had them both going thru a Belkin 2-port KVM switch for the past month or two, no problems whatsoever.

So I unhook them, turn off my PC, and hook my keyboard and mouse into the proper PS2 ports on my motherboard. Fire the PC up. Nothing. They don't work at all.

I even put a normal, cheap PS2-Only Keyboard in and try to get into the BIOS from it. No-Go.

BUT - I can plug my USB keyboard and mouse into USB ports and they work fine, no issues!

So are my PS2 ports dead on my mobo?

dinoX aka BlackDog
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  1. Yes, they can die. Everything that has some sort of function on your motherboard is capable of dying. And from how you've described what is going on, that is what the problem appears to be.

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  2. Yes ps2 ports sometimes die.

    Are you sure you do not have them crossed? Mouse to keyboard and keyboard to mouse??

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  3. I remember when i study computer mechanics, and som girls in that class took out the mobo and put it on a cotton chair, they turned it around, flipped it and looked from different angles ( you could accualy hear the sparkles between the cotton chair and the mobo ^^). The wierd thing is = only the ps2 ports was burned !

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