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If I have a dell XPS 8000, an intel i5 clocked at 2.66 GHz (december, 2009), 8 Gb RAM and ATI Radeon HD 4350 512 Mb is that fast enough to run games like battlefield and modern warfare 2? I am about to order my own new computer and I am wondering whether to get ATI Radeon 4350 or nvidia geforce gts250 1024mb gddr3.

thanks in advance
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  1. the 4350 not even on this list
  2. gts 250 is miles ahead of a 4350. a 4350 can barely game, it designed for video playback and photo editing. not rendering.
  3. If you're rich enough, maybe buy 2 GTS250 or GTS260?

    That's gonna give you pretty decent performance
  4. no, you should only crossfire high end cards, or add another of a card you already own. if you have the cash, you are always better off getting a single, more powerful card than gettign two cards to SLI/CF.
  5. how about hd 4870/4890
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