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I have noticed recently whilst playing my PS3 that there are some sound issues with it even when my tv volume is full. I have not noticed before but i have realised that when playing blu ray dvds that you cannot hear the voices of the people in the movie. I have also noticed this on the game assassins creed 2. I have checked my cables are secure and tried swapping hdmi cables. You can hear the sound fx e.g. explosions but absolutely no voices, is there anything i can do to fix my ps3 without sending it off

If you have any ideas email me at
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  1. Check your audio settings in the Xross bar - see if you have any stereo upmixing going on, i.e. unless you're using a surround sound system you don't want any upmixing going on.
  2. where is the stereo upmixing section, i only have 3 options on my sound settings and none of them are stereo upmixing please help
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