My Ebay listing for my gaming rig, CHEAP! Check it out!

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  1. Lowered the Buy It Now price. ;)
  2. price is too high
  3. I have revised it.. when I said I had revised it, it wasnt submitting for some reason. its $520 Buy Now, and 470 starting auction.
  4. I'd offer you 400 at most but wouldn't want to insult you, good luck!
  5. 400? how so? no insults taken lol.. but, this cost almost $1000 to build, and that wasnt even a whole year ago. $400 is... pretty damn low haha.. if you newegg each piece of this pc itll be atleast $650-750.. unless you look else where to find the parts used. Remember.. Tax, adds up quick on newegg ;)
  6. If you can prove me wrong id love to hear what youd think.. honest, cause i need this to sell by the end of the month or im gunna have a computer and a few guitars without a roof over my head. heh...
  7. yeah exactly if you newegg all the parts, new its 650 so used 400 at best, people on here are a tough sell though honestly i think on ebay you should be able to pull 400-500 tops, besides that it is old tech and by todays standards not a 1000k build, the i5 760 was a great chip and still is but far from top of the line... my 2 cents, good luck
  8. Have fun selling it on ebay, 9% fee + 2.90% paypal fee
  9. ^yeah ebay is a buyers market where sellers get raped by fees, true story
  10. Yeah no offense, but the majority of users on here would prefer to either build their own rigs unless they truly find a great deal. Ebay would be better for people who wanted a gaming computer - couldn't build one - and didn't want to spend the outrageous prices for a company to build one for them.
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