Ps3 slim won't work with HDMI

I just bought a ps3 slim 120gb. The component cables it came with work fine but when I try playing it through an HDMI cable all I get is a blank screen. I tried a Japanese reset and a safe mode restart. The safe mode wouldn't even start so no help there. I tried playing on a 42'' RCA LCD and a 50'' Panasonic plasma and neither did anything. The firmware on the ps3 is 3.01. I have no idea whats wrong nor do I have nay idea how to fix it. Updating it is not an option, I still live outside the range of a high speed ISP.
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  1. Then shop is your only option.
  2. manged to get it to work when I ran it through the home theater thing on the 50'' plasma and when I ran it through my computer monitor. The 50'' inch is my parents so using it is not an option either. Why won't it work plugged right into the tv?!
  3. One thing I noticed on my ps3 was that if you use one type of connection, example, a/v cables, it seems to work a little better if you stay on that connection, then reset it and move it over. So hook it up to your 42" via av cables, then switch the options in the ps3 panel, the screen you need is display settings. So tell it t run everything via hdmi, also try using 720p if you can instead of 1080p. It may be the ps3 wants to run in 1080p and the rca tv only does 720? Just a thought. Once you save your settings, then you will just need to swap your input signal on your tv set and verify it works.
  4. I tried that initially and it did nothing. Then I left the tv unplugged overnight. For some reason that fixed it Now it works just fine with hdmi.
  5. Plug in the HDMI wire, then turn off the PS3. Hold the power button until it beeps twice to reset the console, and it should notice the HDMI connecter is plugged in, and ask if thats the connection you want to use.
  6. quick question, can you read? I just said in the previous message it is working. I said in the first message I have already tried that and it did nothing.
  7. Regardless, glad you got it working. I have my ps3 hooked to my 22 inch flat screen pc monitor and it is sweet. One of these days maybe get a flat tv, but this will work fine till then:).
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