Playing offline, does it save?

OK Hi to all pc gamers out there.

Here is my question: I have Modern Warfare 2 and I have this problem. When I start the single player sometimes I'm offline. I get this message saying If you have played the game on another pc you could loose the files and settings. To play in single player I get the log on screen. BUt what if I dont have internet and I want to play single player, and I cant log in online. Does that mean that I cant even play single player at all or can I still play in SP without loosing any saved files or settings offline? Please help, I want to play spec ops and the story mode in veteran DL.

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  1. Save files and settings are stored on your computers hard drive.
  2. so that means i can play Modern warfare 2 offline without any worries?
  3. Try it out, it will take 2 minutes. But i'm fairly sure you need internet connection because i've had problems from programs blocking it from connecting to internet.
  4. Hi,i have played MW2 offline and had no problems,as Snowraptor said all saves are stored one your HDD.
  5. Ok thanks!!! REally that helped alot!!!!
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