Games are lagging... New graphics card?

I have been having lag on all my games including WoW and Team fortress 2. I used to be able to run them smoothly on high settings but now on WoW I lag on the lowest settings. WoW is a very easy game to run. This doesn't make any sense at all considering I have windows vista with an nvidia geforce 9100 video card, an amd phenom quad core processor, and 5.7gb RAM

The lag seems kind of strange. For example, WoW will say I am getting 30fps, but it will feel like 3fps. It seems to slow down and speed up rapidly.

I got a new modem and had my isp check my internet connection. So it is not my internet. I reformatted my harddrive and restored my computer to its factory settings so I don't think it is a software problem.

I don't know a lot abbout computers so I would like to know why I could once run games well but then suddenly stop running them well.

It must be a hardware problem, but I'm not sure if it is my video card. your thoughts?
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  1. Simple steps

    Check you Ping=Lowers better, try another server if high.

    D/L latest drivers and check VC temps, will artifact if gets to hot.

    Go to D/L TCPOptimizer and read on their forums-ask for help.

    Adware can kill performance-I use Superantispyware-You would not believe at the adware found by it.

    Antivirus for gaming-Using Kaspersky, but Avira's very good a must have a good AV.

    CC Cleaner, cleans up stored cookies-files-registry check with backup just in case. Cleans up registry issues.

    Defaggler-Bit more advanced defraging HD than MS...must for gaming defag

    Still using XP Home-Pro 7 sits there, had few graphics driver issues. Vista takes more memory than XP. Do you have ample memory (Ram)

    ISP carrier, I had them change from Motorola Surfboard to Scientific Atlanta great modem. Keep your modem as isloated from other lelectrical items, old units cause interference.

    Clean Up-All uneeded programs
    Good Luck-I play Halo a lot Combat Evolved my fav..

    Used to be a ping accelerator for WoW fast ping, it sets your registry to 1 for faster packets to be used no delay.
  2. Hard to believe "ON BOARD" video can play some games at all. If you think they played good before you may have maggot ware on your computer. Run AVG anti virus or go to Trend Micro House Calls and do a scan. Clean up your hard drive and do a defragg. Check your virtual ram settings. What opsys ?
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